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September 18, 2014
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How to Increase Website Traffic

Spring was a time to refresh. You launched that new website; it’s responsive and ready for action. With its eye-catching design and awesome copy, you’re hoping the world to take notice.  But what is your social media plan?

Don’t wait around all summer waiting for your customers to get back into town. Put down that glass of lemonade and let’s get to work! Summer time is key: because a great new website is only good for your business if people are seeing it.

What do you need to get that new site off the ground? One word: traffic. How do you get people to find you? Now that your site is up your most important goal is to connect with your clients and get them engaged. Here are a few key ways to get your site found and promote your brand:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Keep content on your site fresh by adding new photos, updates and custom written blogs. This way your website won’t be static and you will attract new and old visitors to your website.

Social Media – are you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google + or Twitter? No? You should be because your customers are on there. Remember: this is like free advertising! You are letting everyone know about you your company and your brand. This lets customers become familiar with you and will then begin to trust you and your brand. Create offers and let people know. For example: ‘Come shop with us in August and get a free tee shirt with a $25 purchase or more…’

E-mail/Newsletters marketing – Using Mailchimp is a business must for sending out those e-mails and newsletters. They include your logo, you can include beautiful photos of your latest work and link to your website and social media links. You can gain new social media followers and create your own email list by adding new names to your list with each campaign.

Get involved locally – Donate your time to a charity or community project. This will get your name out there, you’ll meet more people and maybe you will get articles written about your company donating services. These articles are called backlinks and will increase your SEO.

Contests – Create a contest and post it on your social media. Everyone loves the chance to win gifts! One idea? Invite your followers to submit their funniest photo wearing your clothes and let the public vote.

Those are just a few ways to attract traffic to your new website. For more ideas and a free consultation, contact Kris Carney at Yellow Dog Designs to brainstorm so more great ideas today!

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Social Media

September 15, 2014
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Why You Need Social Media 

The importance of Social Media in business cannot be overstated. Many businesses shy away from social media. ‘There’s no time’ ‘My customers aren’t on social media’ ‘I can’t write and don’t know what to post’ are all common reasons.

But social media doesn’t have to be telling the world every time you get a cup of coffee or that you are reading a paper. Social media is a platform to connect with your customers and clients. It’s a way to share information, receive feedback, build a relationship and have fun with individuals who are actively seeking to learn more about your business.

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Have you started to design your own website using a free template?

There are so many templates out there to choose from. And those templates-they all look so beautiful! So you think I can do this!

You pick a template, then you start adding your photos, you know the ones you took on your phone. Then you start changing the colors…your favorite color is red. But we can add blue, hmmm looking too patriotic so let’s add some orange. Wow! Creating this website is fun! Who knew?